HOXARTM is proud to present the future of holography with BLACKROOMTM, a fully-immersive experience without physical restriction. No goggles required.


If you have the space, we have the installation. Experience our popular holofilms as never before. Don't just watch a movie, be a part of it. Wildlife documentaries are exhilarating when you're right there.


The applications for BLACKROOM are infinite, from virtual showrooms that can be physically experienced, to training for specialized jobs such as nursing, airline pilots, oil rig roughnecks, deep-sea divers, and many more.



Training the armed forces is incredibly safe and cost-efficient in BLACKROOM. Virtually any scenario can be simulated, any combatant can be AI-designed by your personnel to be as real as possible. This is the future of military training.

HOXAR, Inc. is the cutting edge developer, fabricator, and operator of holographic simulations around the globe. While holographic technology has been around for 40 years, recent advancements have finally begun to reveal its potential, and HOXAR has spent years innovating and pushing the boundaries of holographic technology beyond its competitors. Now, with the latest HOXAR DPHM Simulators, users can experience a walkable space that feels, smells, and looks like the real thing – or unreal thing, as is usually preferred. HOXAR’s exciting new BLACKROOMTM technology presents a major leap forward for interactive, immersive experiences that go far beyond “virtual” reality.